Commercial Snow Removal

Winter weather can be a big challenge. It could be a clipper system from the North that drops a couple of quick inches or a moisture-fueled storm from the Gulf that drops 6 inches or more and needs to be managed as it falls and of course freezing rain or ice storm.  This means that throughout the winter and throughout a storm, your needs may vary. Relax! KS can provide free consultation and a service program that meets your specific needs.

Reliable Snow Removal Service Team

You can trust KS for 24-hour weather monitoring and services ALL season long.  Including holidays! Our services include:

  • Snow plowing – fleet service
  • Snow removal, relocation, etc.
  • Sidewalks and handicapped areas
  • Ice management, salting, and de-icing. Salt is dispensed by the ton and by the bag.
  • Time-sensitive, dedicated routes.
  • Multi-site Management